Meet Mark

A lifelong Alexandria resident, Mark Ellmore is running for Congress because he is committed to loving and serving each and every one of the 650,000 residents living in Virginia’s Eighth District. As your next Congressman, Mark will work diligently to listen to the voters and provide solutions to many of the area’s most complex issues.

As the cost of living in Northern Virginia continues to skyrocket, Mark understands the struggles that many of our middle-class families face every day – largely because he has lived them himself. After his father died when Mark was just four years old, his mother – a federal government worker – became the sole provider for Mark and his six siblings. Mark is a proud graduate of Fairfax County Public Schools; he also attended Northern Virginia Community College, where he studied business and finance.

Mark is also a self-made man who plans on using his professional experience to help balance the nation’s budgets and keep our economy prosperous for generations to come. He spent decades working at Washington-Lee Savings and Loan, first as a bank teller and later as a branch manager and senior executive. Mark currently works as a residential lending executive and servant leader for a prominent national mortgage company.

Mark is also very passionate about serving others globally through mission outreach. In the past, he has served as a board member for Community Lodgings and Offender Aid and Restoration; he was also a past Chairman of the Board for Know the Truth Ministries. Mark also traveled to both Haiti and Puerto Rico to assist with their respective relief efforts and has worked extensively to help the victims of ISIS refugee camps with resettlement. Mark is also extremely involved in his local church and their philanthropic efforts to help the less fortunate within the Northern Virginia community.

Mark is happily married to Fariba, an Iranian-born artist whose works are on display in many local galleries. His son Richard is a veteran of the United States Air Force and his daughter Amera is a local business executive. Both of his children are also proud Palestinian-Americans.

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